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Official rules
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:07:51 pm »
1.Griefing is NOT allowed!
Nowadays its easy to find out who did damage to other players using their player data.
A simple rollback can repair all the damage but the player who griefed will be punished.
Note: TNT is allowed on the server, but not for destruction of spawn or other players properties.

2.Stealing is NOT allowed!
Taking items from other players without their permission is a serious crime! It's really rude and it brings you a direct ban.
When you are desperate and just quickly need some materials you can borrow them from a player but leave them a sign that you took the items
and that you plan on giving them back!

3.DO NOT ask for items!
Everyone on this server is equal, and we all play survival mode. Even the mods(they are just using creative to fix some technical issues or checking for cheaters). So play the game fair without being annoying and have fun.

4.Mods/client ARE NOT ALLOWED.
Using mods like x-ray will get you instantly banned. Don't cheat because the punishment is always the same!
The only allowed mod is Optifine, and if you got any questions for other mods you can ask us freely!

5. Be civil and kind, bullying is not tolerated.
This includes any form of racism which is completely unacceptable, being a dick to other players or anything in general which shows you do not belong in this community.
You can always report a player for doing something illegal/bad in the Support board in this forum.
6. DO NOT deface/make spawn look ugly, we already got a plan for that area, so if you want to make to build your own building be sure that you go a little bit further from spawn, the direction doesn't matter.

Thats pretty much it for now, we will add some more rules later!
If you got any questions ask the Mod team on forum or discord!

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