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Pranking rules
« on: December 08, 2017, 02:46:22 pm »
DSSR is a tight-knit community, and as such we love fun! Pranking is a great way to have fun with the rest of the community. However, we need to ensure that the pranks are enjoyable and not just done to confuse and frustrate other players.

Therefore, here are a few rules players must follow when pranking:

    The prank cannot result in the destruction of property. This means that TNT, fire, lava and withers are not allowed unless you're absolutely certain that it will not damage any property.
    Killing of animals is not allowed. That's not a prank, that's called being a twat.
    Pranks cannot disrupt and lag either members or the server in general. Excessive amounts of redstone and animals are not allowed. This disrupts the whole server and can cause major server and client-side lag.
    Any abuse given by either the pranker or the prankee will not be tolerated.
    Killing of players is not allowed in regards to a prank. This means that pit traps and the like are not allowed.
    If a player leaves a sign at their base or tells the particular member that they do not wish to partake in pranking, they are not allowed to be pranked. Some players may not appreciate logging on and seeing that their base has been pranked, please respect that.
    Revenge pranks are allowed, just make sure it isn't done purely out of spite.

There are also several guidelines that players should follow when pranking:

    A sign should be placed at the site of the prank. This does not have to include the player's name, but any form of communication after a prank is appreciated.
    Take into account that someone has to clean up the prank afterwards. Try not to cause a player to stop building for hours just to clean up after the prank.
    Post the prank on the forum! That way we can all see the prank in all its glory. You could make your own thread or post it in the general prank thread. You can use a guest account if you want to remain secret.
    Be original! Don't just encase someone in obsidian for 10 layers. Try making a prank that is unique and makes sense to the victim. A prank that relates to someone or their base makes it even more fun and creative!
    Know the person you're pranking. Some players may be extremely annoyed by a certain kind of prank, whilst some other players would absolutely love it. What may seem like a harmless prank to you could be thought of as outright harassment by someone else. Different people get angry at different things. You don't want to make an enemy, especially one you hardly talk to.
    Try making people laugh instead of frown.
    The prank doesn't have to be something huge. Light pranks are fun too!

Any player that breaks these rules or goes completely against guidelines may consequentially be given a warning or possibly banned. Keep the pranks safe and fun! Good luck pranksters!

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