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It's Getting Eggy!
« on: December 18, 2017, 02:16:39 am »
Minecraft IGN:


Devon, UK

How did you find out about the DSSR?:
I was one of the members that was invited across from a different server when it closed down.
(F for Sunflower Kingdom)

What do you normally do when on a Minecraft server?:
As of late, bully Hazy. What more fun can you get than ripping into someone whenever the opportunity presents itself? He makes it easy. **** Love you Hazy.
I usually build redstone contraptions that tend not to work, as per. Also dabble in slimestone every now and again when I can. The builds I make tend to have too many chests and don't usually look too good, they've been getting better though!

What can you tell us about yourself?(hobbies,interests etc):
I spend a LOT of time gaming. Rocket League is my go-to game, which has taken the top spot from CS:GO. PUBG is also a game I enjoy, not good at it but it's fun. Also Minecraft... obviously.
Tabletop Sim is one of my all time favourites! With friends all over the country it's great to be able to sit at a table and play card games with them. We usually play Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon TCG.
Used to have a love for Overwatch but has definately fallen off my charts now as I barely play it.
Factorio is also a game I love, bit grindy and more fun when played with others though.
Euro Truck Sim 2 is a game I've spent more time on than I'd gladly admit to, the multiplayer mod mainly.
I've been playing a bit of D&D 5e lately; using a Forest Gnome Rogue called Xoji Merben.

YouTube has definitely shaped my personality with the amount of time I've spent on it. The main people I've been watching lately are: Rizzo, Sp33dy, Smii7y, Byze, Yogscast (Game's Night channel), and Hat Films. I used to watch a lot of Vanoss; before going mainstream, SeaNanners; before longer videos, and Yogscast; before the YogVentures "scandal"... (Bring back SoI!).

Netflix. Oh Netflix. How I love you. I watch a variety of genres on Netflix, from action to anime to sci-fi. One of my favourite films on Netflix UK is Ip Man. It's in Chinese but is a great film altogether.
Here's a list of some of my favourite things I've watched on there (in no particular order): Ip Man (1,2,3), Firefly, Breaking Bad, Back To The Future (1,2,3), Attack on Titan, Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse, Jack Reacher, Terra Nova, all Marvel films/TV series (exc. Agents of Shield), Doctor Who, Full Metal Alchemist, Luther, Stranger Things, Sherlock, 24, Death Note, iZombie, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Maze Runner (1,2), Pulp Fiction, The IT Crowd, Oblivion, The Hunger Games (1,2,3), and the Mission Impossible franchise.

I'm also a huge fan of Game of Thrones and Star Wars.
My GoT ending theory. Potential S1-7 spoilers?.....
I personally believe that Tyrion or Sansa will get the throne. The WW's will be defeated, Jaime will kill Cersei, Dany will see this as him betraying yet another monarch, one of which being her father, and have him exiled/killed. Upon finding out Jon's true heritage, Dany will try to return to Essos with her Khalasar, not before attempting to assassinate Bran after finding out he's the reason her father went mad. Bran has to be the Lord of Light, right? Jon wont pursue her over the threat of the 1 remaining dragon (Rhaegal), he'll turn down the throne simply because he doesn't want it, and return to the north leaving it for the taking. Rightfully the throne now falls to Tyrion, as he is the next of kin. However he will either leave with Dany, or he held accused for the assassination attempt, again. This would mean the next of kin avaliable to the throne would be Jon's cousins, first of which being Bran, but since he's now the Three-Eyed Raven, he will also turn down the throne. Which leaves it to Sansa, as we've already seen her leadership strength at Winterfell in S7, she would be the best choice.

I tend to keep to myself unless there's something I'm vastly interested in that I'm comfortable talking about... see above.

Apparently I sound like Stephen Merchant. Not sure about my feelings on that.

I have 2 dogs, Charlie the Yellow Lab, and Grace the Weimaraner. I've had Charlie since he was a puppy, he's now 9. He has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) so he gets sick about once every fortnight, and refuses to eat. I got Grace a few weeks ago from Gables (an animal rescue service), she's 7. She has seperation anxiety so we never get a moment alone anymore! The cuddles are great, but the barking for attention, not so much.

Another alias I go by is Toast. When I was around 11/12 I pretty much did any dare that was thrown at me. One was to eat only toast for a week. Not only did I do it, it earned me the nickname Toast boy, and Toast just stuck.

For those who want to add me or just look at games owned/time played, here is my steam profile:

What is your favorite block in Minecraft, and why?
100% Stone Bricks. Not too sure why, just fond of them. (Gotta love observers and slimeblocks too though!)
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Re: It's Getting Eggy!
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 02:35:56 am »
Some people look at things and wonder, why. I look at things that aren't there and wonder, why not?


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Re: It's Getting Eggy!
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2017, 02:59:07 am »
I hate you xD