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All about Hazy
« on: December 14, 2017, 05:01:00 pm »
Ign: Hazyperspective & PorcelainDuck

Age 40

I live in West Virginia

I do video consulting for  fishing show, and I do part time photography

When on MC, I like to build and explore. I enjoy building big things. it's about all that keeps my interest. I also like to have multiple projects going on.....that was I always have something to interest me when I log on.

My fav block? I don't know....I guess stone bricks....I use a ton of them.

What do I do when not on MC? I attend live shows, and play as much music as possible. I play my guitar, eukele, and bass whenever possible. I also play Civ, and Rocksmith.
Some people look at things and wonder, why. I look at things that aren't there and wonder, why not?

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