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UHC Season 1
« on: February 11, 2018, 04:10:04 pm »
Date Scheduled: Saturday 24th March
Time: 7pm GMT - 11am PST - 2pm EST

This will be the first ever official DSSR UHC, dont know what to expect? Have a read through the following to understand what you'll be in for.

So what is a UHC?
-A UHC is a game mode that involves no health regeneration.
-Players are spawned into a brand new map with a relatively small border.
-The players are spread out and then the match starts.
-There are usually teams of 2 or 3, but can be even larger teams or maybe even solo.
-The goal is to be the last team standing.
-Mine resources to get the advantage over other players. Use gold to create golden apples in order to regenerate health. Use diamonds to create an enchanting table and enchant your weapons and armour.
-PvP is enabled, so go kill everyone else!
-Once you die. You CANNOT be respawned back in. You can however be given spectator mode so that you can watch everyone else.

For this event, Discord is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. That is the best way to communicate with your team members. Before the event begins, there will be a group call for organising and important information. Remember to check both group chats and the forum often when the event is approaching for information.

UHCs have several rules:
-Stripmining is NOT allowed. The map is checked afterwards and any stripmining spots found will be traced back to their original team/player (it's actually pretty damn easy to find out who did it.) Anyone who stripmines will be dealt with accordingly.
-PvP is NOT allowed on the FIRST DAY. At night you can start attacking other players, but if you find an enemy team on the FIRST DAY you are NOT allowed to attack them. Try to keep your distance so no mistakes occur.
-Xraying is NOT allowed. This is so easy to see and will be dealt with harshly.
-Staircasing IS allowed, but only straight ones, you CANNOT branch staircase or staircase below Y 16.
-Stealing IS allowed for obvious reasons.
-The usual server rules still apply, so no being a dick!
-If you die to a player, do not reveal where they are or what they have. That's not fair! Just be humble and accept death.
-You may die to something stupid like a witch, lag or even gravel. Unfortunately these things do happen, you won't be spawned back in unless you die within the first few minutes of the match.
-If you have died and you're in spectator mode, DO NOT reveal any ores or players. Let the surviving players play normally, I hope you all understand how unfair that makes it.
-There is NO TEAMING between solo players or different teams. That is unfair for the team/player being ganged up on.
-You CANNOT pillar up extremely high.

-Collect wood straight away.
-Gather as much food/leather/sugarcane as you can.
-Find a cave to dig into during the night.
-Get apples. A lot of apples.
-Try not to take any PvE damage, because your health DOES NOT regenerate naturally.
-Use golden apples to regenerate health...maybe even try getting potions?
-See a wolf? That may come in handy later on.
-Shifting is pretty useful.

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to pm a mod or reply on here

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