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« on: August 11, 2018, 01:06:55 pm »
LoneLentil has been banned for violation of rule 5.

"5. Be civil and kind, bullying is not tolerated.
This includes any form of racism which is completely unacceptable, being a dick to other players or anything in general which shows you do not belong in this community."

We have had multiple complaints about his behaviour towards minors on the server, this may seem to be a harmless joke but when its done numerous times with no sort of good reaction, its clear that this kind of behaviour is normal for this person. In voice chat he asked another minor for her Facebook and when she said no, he then asked her for her snapchat. Please remember that this man is 29 years old, making people under the age of 18 feel extremely uncomfortable.

This is without mentioning the fact that he has said some edgy racist stuff in chat. Whether it's a 'joke' or not, it wasn't funny. A 29 year old man should realise that saying "**** black people" isn't exactly acceptable, you only went back on it after you saw peoples reaction to what you said.

This is a permanent ban, good luck finding a new community.
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