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« on: February 09, 2018, 09:37:24 pm »
Flipno has been banned for taking 987 of Hazy's diamonds, in the screenshots you can see a shulker box which is filled with around 15 stacks +27 diamonds - Flipno has 5.5hrs on the server. It would be nearly impossible to mine that many in that short amount of time, not to mention the fact that we went through every other players enderchest/inventory who was on in the last 24hrs to check to see who it was, not another person had nearly as many as this. Given that the diamonds were taken in the last 24hrs we're inclined to decide that it must've been Flipno who had taken the diamonds based upon an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing towards him/her. Furthermore we also believe that he/she was the culprit for undercutting Bonapurple by paying less than he/she should have for multiple mending books as well as a elytra, due to the fact that he/she had multiple elytra's in his inventory plus way too many enchanted books for a person with just 5.5hrs on the server.

On the screenshot you can see that the uuid used on the playerdata is: 8dc6c5e7-120d-462c-adc0-89767b1cdef9, and if you look at ( you can see that this is Flipno's uuid.

Flipno has been banned.

-The Mods

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