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Application Form
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:08:29 pm »
1.Create an account
2.Create a new topic in this section
3.The application should be named -"Server application" & your IGN
4.Copy the application form that can be found in this post and fill it out.
5.The Mod team will contact you as soon as possible.
6.Add a poll to your application. The options must be Yes and No. One player can't vote multiple times and for himself.

Please note you need to be at least 16 years old to apply and have +7 more yes votes than no votes to be accepted and that you should not vote on your own application or someone else's until you have been accepted into the server. This is the same for making other accounts on the forums to boost your app, it is not allowed.

Application Form

1.Minecraft IGN:



4.How did you find out about the DSSR?:

5.What do you normally do when on a Minecraft server?:

6.What do you expect to get out of this server?:

7.Do you plan to be a long term player?:

8.What can you tell us about yourself?(hobbies,interests etc):

9.What is your favorite block in Minecraft, and why?

We are asking for you location just so we can organise events better because dealing with time zones can be troublesome.

Be creative with your application, don't just fill out the form.
Originality gives you extra points and a bigger chance of being accepted.

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